January 5, 2007

LeBron 23-23 is back up

Thanks for your patience. LeBron 23-23 is back up and running. We've had a lot of submissions in just a couple of days and we're excited about all of them. Three people are going to get their track in the new LeBron TV spot when it premeires during NBA All-Star 2007. Your name and your beat, in the spot, during All-Star Saturday night and the NBA All-Star game, for the entire nation to see.

One of you, is going to get to go in the studio with Paul Wall & Al Fatz to help drop LeBron's theme song. Who knows how far it goes from there.

So, keep submitting tracks and make sure you promote yourself. Only the top go gettas will be heard by LeBron & company.

BTW - Check out the article in USA Today about the promo. It's short and sweet on page 3 of the Sports section.

USA TODAY article