February 26, 2007

Make sure that you vote for the Top 3

Yo. Make sure that you get your vote in for the Top 3 contestants in the LeBron 23-23 program. I just looked in on the numbers and it's too close to call right now. Now is the time to push your favorite...Voting ends on March 2nd!

On another note, I have been reading the comments on the blog, I just haven't had too much time to respond. My bad. I'll start responding tonight. I'm just now back at 100% after NBA All-Star in Vegas. 5 days in that city will break any man. Especially with our party at Light at the Bellagio. I could barely stay awake to go to the LeBron & Jay-Z dinner at Tao the next night. I'm standing right next to Beyonce and her sister - didn't care - I needed some sleep. But, ya boy pulled it together and made it happen for the party after the dinner.

I would post some pics, but, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.