February 3, 2007

The Final 3

LeBron, Paul Wall and Al Fatz all got their selections to me by last Wednesday night around 11:30. After I got back from seeing my Hawks whomp Golden State, we went through the selections and, surprisingly, they all pretty much agreed on the same tracks. So, we do know who made it to the top 3 and will get into the TV spots.

Now - here's a personal apology from Admin. I may not have been as clear as I should have been. We're announcing the Final 3 spots in Las Vegas during All-Star weekend at the LeBron 23-23 party at Light in the Bellagio. At 11:23, (hence the name 23-23), LeBron will be there to personally premeire the spots on broadcast for the first time. Then, we kick off voting that same night and a public vote will determine who gets to go into the studio.

The party is going to be serious. I've personally been to the last 2 All-Star weekends (Houston & Denver) and am more excited about Las Vegas than any of the past ones. When NBA All-Star was in Atlanta, I wasn't working for Coke at the time, so I didn't get to go for free. So, if any of ya'll are going to All-Star in Vegas, holla at me.

My bad for not being more clear on revealing the top 3.

On another note, we still are going to have more opportunities for folks not in the top 3. Legally, we have to wait until you are clear of being voted upon/judged to use your tracks.