January 20, 2007

3 Days to Go...Submit Your Mixes


It's down to the wire for the LeBron 23-23 contest. If you've got a mix, and you want a chance to be heard by LeBron James, Paul Wall, Al Fatz, Atlantic Records - then submit your mix now.

Hit up your family - moms, pops, cousins that ain't really your cousins - anybody that can click a widget or enter a cap code on the site.

We've confirmed the judging panel for the top 100 mixes. It's high level marketing and A&R from Atlantic Records - I can't drop the names now cause I don't want ya'll beggin for a record deal - but we always roll big at Sprite. We've got Paul Wall's manager, T. Farris. We've got a couple cats from our ad agency - Crispin Porter + Bogusky. If ya'll don't know about getting T&R off of commercials, you need to go back and study - easiest money in the music game.

I'm serious about this competition. Step up your game up for it.

On another note, I see some cats are bootlegging my shoes on the Internet. B@$T@RDS!!! How are you gonna sell my shoes for $850 online!!! It took us 6 months to get those made...Some people are really willing to pay big bucks to be exclusive - when we have 10 pairs sitting in a closet here. LOL

Anyway, hit me up with any last minutes questions...