January 10, 2007

Words from Perion - beat maker for the LeBron 23-23 Studio Mixer

Sprite gave me a chance to shine and now you can too!

When i started making sounds for the Lebron23-23 mixer I wanted to create something different from the other mixers , recycled loops and sounds out there.

I wanted them to be fresh and brand new! I wanted anybody out there to sound close to a seasoned vet in beat making.

I'm from a small town called Pensacola,Fl. home of such greats like Emmit Smith, Roy Jones Jr. and Derrick Brooks so with that said I have always had the mind set of being on that roster. I have been producing for 18 years now , 8 professionally. I've worked with such artist like : ScarFace, Mystikal, Fiend,Mike Jones, Juvenile, Paul Wall, Al Fats, Roy Jones Jr. , Mr Magic, Trick Daddy, Plies, Loon, Wynter Gordon, Dave Hollister, and many more! Then there came Sprite!!! I was an under dog with dreams of being a Top Dog! I believe that nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream so I try to go get it when the opportunity comes and at most times you have to create opportunity! Sprite gave me an opportunity to be heard all around at one time! They gave me the chance to be apart of the up and coming beat makers out there waiting on their chance to be heard!

In 2006 I produced "Way I Be Leaning", the third single off Juvenile's album "Reality Check" and "Duck Down " on Trick Daddy's album "Back By Thug Demand" the (Best Buy Bonus CD) . I have songs I produced for 2007 releases with artist like Wynter Gordon, Paul Wall , GTM, Al Fatz and many more. For more info about me and some of the tracks I've produced or my managers (CO2 Entertainment), you can check me out at :

I Obeyed My Thirst to aim high. I followed my dreams and got my chance to get heard and now you can also. If it is you dream to be a major beat maker or a big time producer , listen to your heart, follow the rhythm and go for it!! Always listen to your heart!