January 12, 2007

Check my Footwork & 10 Days to Go

Wassup folks,

First - I have to do a bit of bragging. Ya'll can check out the exclusive Sprite/LeBron Nikes sitting on my desk at work. I took some pics for ya'll to check em out.

Ya'll don't know how hard it was to get these made but we eventually got it done. We only had so many made - less than 200 and LeBron got 35 pairs off the top. I'll be real honest too - there's no way 165 pairs made it to our office - something fell off of a truck somewhere.

Anyway - I shipped them out last Thursday to some key radio DJs, mags, websites, celebs and the like. I only kept a few AND we haven't decided what to do with them yet.

Second - There's only 10 days left in the contest to submit your tracks. Make sure they're hot and you get out and promote. My ad agency likes some tracks. I like some others. Eventually, it's going to come down to LeBron, Paul Wall and Al Fatz.

LAST I gotta give props to the people that have been promoting like crazy. I don't know how some of ya'll got 1,000 plus votes but it has definitely been noticed. You've almost guaranteed that our folks at Atlantic Records are gonna hear your tracks. (That is unless someone outpromotes you in the next 10 days)

Plus - big ups to folks using MySpace to promote. I've personally checked out 10-15 profiles and have been cruising Technorati and Google blog search to find more.

it's late, i gotta go jump on my 360...peace

What it do baaaaaby!

I hope all of you up and coming producers are getting your beats together, and also promoting yourselves to earn your votes! Quiet as kept, me and my boy T Farris have been on the site secretly looking for hot new producers! And we definitely like what we are hearing. So keep it coming, and spread the word!!! I'm here in Houston Texas right now. I just got out of the studio with my boy PT. You know I'm live from the grid iron baaaaaby! I'm about to head to LA in the morning to get some work in the studio with my boy Skinhead Rob and Travis Barker. We got our new group Expensive Taste coming real soon! Right now we are putting the final finishing touches on this mixtape we are doing with my boy DJ Skee!!!!

Check out www.expensivetastemerch.com

On another note..... Maaaaaaaan you gotta check out my brand new bobble heads. They are CRAZZZZZY!!! That's right, I now have my very own PAULWALL BOBBLE HEAD! They're available RIGHT NOW!!!! Go to www.grillsbypaulwall.com right now and take a peep! You are gonna trip out when you see them, straight up!

Alright then, I'm about to Chunk The Deuce one time for my boy Lil Keke.
I'm outta here. Keep putting down that heat. And don't forget to spread
the word and get your votes!!!