February 2, 2007

NBA Freeflow on BET

I had to hold back on officially announcing this because the contract wasn't finished until last night. NBA Freeflow is a Sprite joint production venture with BET and the NBA for a 30 minute show on how your favorite NBA players get hyped with music. We've got the big names: LeBron, Shaq, Ben Wallace, Stackhouse, Duncan, and more all talking to us about how they get up for their big games.

Why does this matter to you? Because we sent in 14 different beats to be incorporated into the vignettes and the 30 minute show.

Plus, the following folks will have their name and track name in the credits at the end of the 30 minute show.

1. VRoc - Ain't No Game...OBEY YOUR THIRST! SPRITE
2. Someguy211 - The Jaz Panther
3. Seanwes - Liquidize - Remix
4. BoNeZX759 - watch your tongue
5. PAYPABOI - Sublymonal Message
6. spanki1083 - PeanutZ
7. timber_land765 - 1ofDaBEST
8. JACKOUTO - GotThis
9. Keppen - BALLIN-myspace.com/KEPPEN2007
10. txstateovmind - countryswagger
11. Infinity1986 - Infinity
12. Rip123 - Theme #23
13. D-Hussel - UnDiscovered
14. Slimdog - 2 to da 3

NBA Freeflow airs on 2/13 and the vignettes start airing on BET today.