January 31, 2007

Still waiting on the judges + new LeBron video

The judges are still getting back to me with their Top 3. Hopefully, we'll have it today and be able to notify the winners soon. I'll keep you updated.

Here's another quick video from LeBron James...enjoy


Do1 said...

Thanks for the update. Hopefully we will know soon.

Thanks for the video too. I have 3 little girls, it definitely makes you change your focus.

Alright...well...let us know when you can..got all my fingers crossed.



Anonymous said...

This whole process has been a dream. It has now escalated to reality and I am really, grateful for this opportunity. Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the process by voting. I haven't blogged that much on the Lebron 23-23 but the new group created by Keppen I am in on and for anyone else who would like to get in touch with or get to know me my myspace is


Good luck to you all in the top 23. I got all my fingers crossed also.


DJCHUNG said...

Ditto, good luck everyone. Totally rewarding experience to have Lebron himself check out your music.


KEPPEN said...

Cool good luck fellas! And also thanks to everyone that has joined the group so far! We have ALOT of talent in this small group already, and more joining as we speak. So lets all stay connected and make 2007 the best year for all. The top 3 are going to be very lucky people, so good luck to all again - Keppen

If anyone wants to join the group (admin or anyone feel free to hit me up) get at me at


BigLeBronFanFromClevelandArea said...

Is there any way to download the submitted tracks on a computer?

Anonymous said...

got a pay pal account would u like to have a cd with the music track u made for the contest hit me up. I'll have some samples of what I can do posted at www.avenueproductionsrock

hey who cares if ya didnt make the top 3 u still deserve a copy of your track

email me at Mapleshell5A@gmail.com

the soundquality is exactlt what u here of the net its been done with Pro Tools

AJ said...
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AJ said...

ayo Admin, u definitely gotta check the group we made. Keppen, Do1, V-Roc, D-Hussel, myself and more have doing a lot to build this unsigned hype community and we bout to smash this year.... check the MySpace group:


Anonymous said...

Good Luck to all and hopefully this is the beggining to a breakthrough for all of us in this business...


ARSAN said...

Man I'm so excited!! This whole thing has been such a blessing.

Anonymous said...

hey LeBron fan there is a way pay me and I ll send it to ya thats about it


Anonymous said...

hell I can take the commercial noise out and email just your tune 25 bucks think about


KC still cReePiN

RoneNeffect said...

This is just a repost for those who may have missed it, since i did this on the last blog and it was like the 70th comment. Good luck on making the Top 3.

New links:



Sup Ya'll,

I figured since most everyone was/is posting there myspace pages etc., my P.I.C. (partner in crime) and i would go ahead and pub our biz as well.

Tri-FFECTA Productions, LLC:

I designed the site from scratch, so its pretty interactive, so have fun...images may lead you to other places, so click on things that catch your attention (wink, wink, ADMIN.)

Our company myspace page, member myspace pages, forum, contact info, and hell, even our resumes (is Sprite hiring May grads?!?!?...no, foreal, we need jobs, preferably doing something musical ..."Jingles 2004") are available through the site in some shape, form, or fashion...not to mention hot beats that would be perfect for commerical TV and more...just use the customized flash player on the right panel to listen and puruse beats...

We will relaunching the site here in a couple of weeks and will have demo beats for sale as well as a couple of exclusive beats...We keep alot of our full songs and radio-ready tracks under wraps until we can get them in the right hands...thanks for the support and join our forum (http://www.triffectaproductions.com/phpBB2/index.php)


Keyz said...

Well.. This has been a unique experience. Found out about it with 5 days until submission and here my track is on the top 23. Although the program used was not complex but simple, It did the job. The selection of riffs were good and the rythms were good as well. To whoever wins, well obviously its good enough to be on a T.V. commercial. I applaud you. But for all who read this post, pray for me because im going to be moving to Minneapolis in late March to attend the Institute of Production and Recording (IPR). Much love to all. PZ



JayWade said...

No doubt, thanks for the update!!! Yo, Good luck to everybody here in the top 23. We made it happen and that's hot to be in this group. Again, good luck to everybody and I'll see ya'll at the top.

Rip One said...

I felt the video! I'm a father of two, a girl and a boy, and providing for them is my major motivation! That's why I have to keep on keeping on! It's similiar to what LeBron was saying in the piece, it refocuses you and directs you to do what you do to the fullest! And at the end of the day all that really matters is that you have the love and respect from your own seed! This is very relevant to me, especially now that I'm going through a custody situation over my son, my only son! The mother decided to part ways with me and has limited the time I see him. I've had custody of my daughter (From another relationship)since she was 2 yrs old, she's now 14. My son has spent the whole seven years of his life with us in the same home until recently. So you see I have a deeper appreciation for being a father, and I'm motivated more than ever now! To me, there is nothing more important than family! I've been a single parent for many years and it isn't easy, but when I look into my children's eyes it puts everything in perspective and compels me to succeed and make a difference for them. After all, they are my legacy! And when it's all said and done...that's all we got to leave behind. Good luck to all the finalists and the impending Top 3!
And check out my new Podcast on my music pages, (Keppen put me up on game, good looking out homie!)Feel free to give me feedback on my Futurology Project I posted, and keep in mind that I can't sing, but I recorded my concepts for someone who could!lol But the material is DEEP!
Holla at your man!


The One

KEPPEN said...


Thats our myspace group that we made, so come one come all. Network with us and lets do it big in '07!


And my myspace page is...


My podcast...


Get at us folkz!


Anonymous said...

KC the engineer

hey wanna copy of your track I'll make it for ya and hey I'll even donate a % to keppen for legal representation

60/40 hit me up Keppen at Mapleshell5A@gmail.com

or check out a track I put up late last nite from the contest its the 1st track on www.myspace.com/avenueproductionsrock.com

My price is listed above on an earlier comment and I'll work a deal for multiple tracks