March 10, 2007

Yes I know who won. No, my lawyers don't want me to say yet

Yeah...I have to stay quiet for now until the contest agency officially notifies the winner. Then, that person needs to get on the phone with me ASAP!!! We've got to schedule studio time this month and it's gonna be tough to get everyone in the same place at the same time. Time is of the essence...

So, hit me up cause Paul Wall goes on tour in April.



Anonymous said...

Yo listen to

relax and take notes by 8ball and mjg iight

Anonymous said...

today i gota 2 little bottleof soda sprite and it pop open and hit me it the face ifi had not turn away i wold of ben hurt more thankgod iwas was where glass and turn way or i relay wod of got hurt
adn hte webpage is not great but i love the soda
my screen name ir
954 319 4232
am ok wel it hit me and it did hurt but i wil be ok in time just a minner bruse i am use to it

Do1 said...

Since I had the wrong day last's tonight at 10pm est..Fox SPEED channel for Unique Whips and my track Money Go Getta.

Still looking forward to finding out the winner of this thing, and see what else may be poppin for the rest of us.