March 15, 2007

And the winner is...EternallyBallN

Wassup people...

I'm here announcing the official winner of the LeBron 23-23 contest, EternallyBallN. We had to go through the proper procedure to setup the next steps in the process to create LBJ's theme song. The kid laid down a nice beat and then promoted the hell outta himself to win the thing. Big ups!!!

Next steps for us are to get in the studio and record the damn song already. You have no idea what a logistical nightmare this is going to be to get everyone here and ready to go. But, it's happening next week in the A.

I'll be taking some candid pics of the experience and maybe getting some of the big boys to write some quick blogs on the process.



Do1 said...

Wow! Cool...way to go EternallyBallN! Congratulations, I can imagine you are extremely hyped about gettin in that studio.

Still a great job to the remaining two. You made it to the very top!

Well, it was a fun ride! Thanks again Admin,Sprite and the crew! Lotta fun, met a lot of great people. A fifth song added to my player..just uploaded

Thanks to those who hit me up after Unique Whips aired. I wasn't thrilled about the change in the vocals, but it was still cool. Got the licensing fee, and now the royalties start. And they did use my logo in the credits. Cool enough! Thanks for your support.

afammusician said...

Congrats to EB for the W. You can only go up from here.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to EternallyBallN! Do ya thing and make sure you take full advantage of an opportunity this big. I will holla at you on myspace and we will trade music. Big ups to the admin and everyone else involved in or that submitted mixes for the contest. I was able to be able to make it to the Top 3, get my stuff heard by some people in the industry and see my commercial on tv. This is definitely not the last you have heard from ThaProphet. Right now, you can check me out on myspace at I will be getting my band page up in the next couple of weeks so I can post my music. Holla at me...

Admin, don't forget to holla at me about the UNC Homecoming stuff. I know you will when you get time. I am sure things will be hectic until the studio session is over. Check me out on myspace and hollat at me when you get a chance. Thanks for everything homie...

Peace and Love,
ThaProphet aka ComplexSimplicity

JayWade said...

WOW...what an opportunity!! Big Ups to you EternallyBallN!!! This is the chance of a lifetime and I'm geeked for you son. It's nothing like working with the Big Dogs you'll LOVE IT!! Just remember three things cause this is your time to shine. 1. Enjoy the moment. Too many people get caught up on other things that are irrelevant to their success and the joy of the moment will pass by. 2. Pick their BRAINS. You don't have to be a fly in their face but, suck up as much knowledge about this game as you can because they live it everyday. 3. Handle your business and SEIZE the opportunity. I know you've heard this a lot but I can't stress enough the importance of taking advantage of the moment. NO ONE can experience success without doing that!! You've got to be a beast about yours. Do ya thing! You beat out 6000+ It's your time yo....It's your time!!

Jay Wade

V Roc said...

Congrats E!

To my peeps:
Fresh out tha oven! V Rocs Beats "On Tha Rise" cd ready for purchase. Hit up da site (paypal ready) Get at ya girl...It's goin' down! V Roc

DHUSSEL said...


Congrats EB.. respect

ur working with the best.. so be real.. n do it like none other!

ADMINNN!! hook me upppp =]

Beeno said...

Congrats to EternallyBallN and the other two finalist. Just keep doing what you do. Hard work pays off for everyone.

KEPPEN said...

YO congrats EternallyBallin!!

I havent been on here in a almost a week cuz I have been real busy recording and getting my compelation album ready to hit the streetz so just got on here now and saw that you won! Gongrats homie!

By the way my myspace profile was recently deleted and I have a new one at

So everyone make sure to add me again.

Cant wait to hear the song when its done.

So holla at me folkz!