March 20, 2007

In the Studio with ETERNALLYBALLN, Al Fatz, Paul Wall & Perion

Wassup folks...I promised that I would give you the inside track on the progress and process of recording LeBron's theme song. Here it is...We made our way into the studio for the first day last night with everybody in attendance in the "A".

We're recording in Atlanta's famous Patchwerk Recording Studio. This place has the only 9000 in Georgia. It's definitely a work of art.

We also had H20: Hip-Hop on Demand ,, and their host, Noelle, swing through to do interviews with the entire crew. It was a relatively laid back atmosphere as we all got to parlay together and begin work on the track.

Our folk, David Banner, rolled by the spot too, just to show love...

We've got 3 days of this ahead. I'll keep you posted...



JayWade said...

That's what's Up!!! Thanks for the update, I know EB feels like he's on top of the world!!!

Congrats Son,

Do1 said...

Thanks for posting the pics. Yeah, EternallyBalln gotta be higher than a Georgia pine to be in there with them. Looking forward to hearing the final result of it.

KEPPEN said...

YO congrats EternallyBallin!!

I havent been on here in a almost a week cuz I have been real busy recording and getting my compelation album ready to hit the streetz so just got on here now and saw that you won! Gongrats homie!

By the way my myspace profile was recently deleted and I have a new one at

So everyone make sure to add me again.

Cant wait to hear the song when its done.

So holla at me folkz!

DHUSSEL said...


aye.. whens the next contesttt?? im up for the game..

New Heavy Duty tracks coming from myself within the next 2days

David said...