April 6, 2007

Paul Wall - Get Money, Stay True - IN STORES NOW!!!

Wassup folks, I wanted to make sure that everyone on the blog went out and showed some support for our folk, Paul Wall. His new album, Get Money, Stay True, dropped on April 3rd. Go cop it!!!

Official Website: www.djpaulwall.com

Myspace: www.myspace.com/paulwall


D said...

i guess no one really has much to say.. cause we all wanna drop albums like Paul Wall

Much respect Paul



come cheq the beats

V Roc said...

I heard tha cd jams.

Whats everybody been up to?

ADMIN yall should allow us to post pics as well...Let us get some promotion out on this blog too. V Roc


Do1 said...

Did I hear the new track tonight? It was during the Det/Orl game on TNT. I've been hearing one that I didn't think was the whole new ad, but tonight I swear you could hear very low vocals around the part where they shoot the tongue. I rewound the dvr a few times, and thought I heard it. Not sure.
Just wondered.

Hope all is well for everyone.


hmmm..think there are 3 new tracks up since I last posted, including one written specifically for a sports/hip hop show set to air in May...

V Roc said...

What iz REALLY goin' on? Where yall at?

RoneNeffect said...

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Kerry said...

just a short update with a special website of this release: Here

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